Mon. Jan 19, 2015 - 8pm
Beachland Tavern/ Cleveland, OH

Lost Head


Terminal Lovers

TERMINAL LOVERS - vintage videos

Hot Nights
The Sea
The Lamp
Meaning Over
Bloodstone Eyes

OBEDIENT SKULL - live videos courtesy of Michael Paterson and Tom Jarmusch.

Myra Gale - Egiga Goramen

New release from David Cintron and Chris Smith's - lo-fi ambient soundscape stories - fractured midnight treks through the swamp of your short wave bookshelf. BUY.

There are still a couple of copies of the original Myra Gale - Égiga Goramen CDr available. Contact if interested

The instrumental soundscape abstraction duo, MYRA GALE (David Cintron & Chris Smith), will be performing April 22 @ Now That's Class in Cleveland w/Darsombra.

Obedient Skull

Obedient Skull (David Cintron, Jeff Deasy, Scott Pickering, Matthew Wascovich) will be performing May 20 @ Grog Shop in Cleveland w/Acid Mothers Temple.

Pere Ubu

Reviews: Pere Ubu Lady From Shanghai US/Canada tour (Thomas, Mehlman, Temple, Wheeler, Cintron)

David Cintron added to the Pere Ubu line-up for 2013 US and Canada tour.

Black River Pilgrim

Black River Pilgrim is featured in the 2013 International Streaming Festival For Audio Visual Art. This is a new project consisting of David Cintron, Lance Paladino, Scott Pickering, and Brent Gemmill. More to come.

David Cintron - No On

CDR dgipack released by Lighten Up Sounds. The label is sold out, but there are a few copies left at Biological Records. To purchase a copy, please send $8 ppd. via PayPal to Make sure to include your name and address.
David Cintron - No On
"Two massive tracks of solo slow-motion drift. Cracked crystal gazing and ritual smoke meditations for fried synapses. These graceful recordings build wave upon wave of ethereal synth wash, grand sweeping drones, spidery guitar tones and heavenly rotations of light, eventually swelling to fill the enormous vacuum of outer orbit. 41 minutes of bright and pristine air-filled sound."

"Any fan of the psych rock outfit Terminal Lovers should be stoked over this release. David Cintron, guitarist and vocalist of the aforementioned project, has taken it upon himself to grant some focus out of his time with his usual music project to dive headfirst into the world of droning dark ambient and ethereal dirge recordings."
- Heathen Harvest

"This CDR comes from Cleveland musician David Cintron, who played with 'avant rock' bands such Terminal Lovers and Scarcity Of Tanks. His two pieces on 'No On' have nothing to with 'avant' or 'rock'. Apparently he uses here synthesizer and guitar and a whole lot of electronics to create two twenty-two minutes of deep, isolationist music. Think Lull, think Mirror, think Ora – but I think Cintron certainly has his style in picking up the drone thread from there. Shimmering metallic sounds shine through in the mix. This particular end of drone music is in that dark alley – the underworld of ambient music, isolationist as we used to call this in the mid nineties. Topped with a nice professional digipack, this is easily the best release I heard from this label."
- Vital Weekly

"'s time to welcome back Terminal Lovers' leader Dave Cintron, whose new album NO ON is a compelling and highly useful wipe-out. Featuring just two 20-minute long pieces, Cintron delivers a kind of post-industrial Cleveland sonic ooze, as though Gavin Bryars' 'The Sinking of the Titanic' had been performed not on violins and cellos but on carburettors and accelerators. Now operating as 'David Cintron' though still available via, our erstwhile Head Heritage fave should be a greedy motherfucker and demand to release albums under both names. And with meditational aids this good, David Cintron is good for another twenty years. Great fucking news."
- Julian Cope, January Drudion 2012


Back To The Top by The Downside Special(Cintron pre-Terminal Lovers) is chosen as the music for this John Varvatos/Chrysler charity auction.

2012 Live Archive:

SINUU (David Cintron & Brent Gemmill) perform live soundtrack to silent animation in Oberlin, Ohio on Thurs March 1. Click for details

(Dave Cintron / Ted Flynn / Brent Gemmill from Terminal Lovers & Scarcity of Tanks) open for
SCOTT KELLY (of Neurosis and Tribes of Neurot fame. Performing solo material) / EUGENE ROBINSON (of Oxbow, story telling, spoken pieces and some accompaniment by Scott Kelly)
Tues. Feb 28th 9pm
Now That's Class, Cleveland, OH


OTHER RELEASES :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


Scarcity of Tanks - Sensational Grade CD
A Rotating band led by singer, Matthew Wascovich. Recorded during the summer of 2010 and this past February in Cleveland at Biological Basement, this session includes David Cintron,Ted Flynn, Andrew Klimek, John Petkovic and Scott Pickering coupled with another session that includes Jeff Deasy and Brent Gemmill. It was mixed by Don Godwin at Chez Daisy in Brooklyn, NY and Panorama HQ in New Orleans, LA and mastered by Weasel Walter at ugEXPLODE in Brooklyn, NY. (Cover by Aleksandra Waliszewska)


Terminal Lovers - As Eyes Burn Clean LP
Released Nov. 24, 2009 Public Guilt.
Mixed 2 color (yellow and black) vinyl.
(Package art by Cintron)
basement tapes vol.2

Terminal Lovers - Basement Tapes Vol. 2 CD
Released Aug 19, 2008 - Angel's Blood Records -
CD w/folded full color insert in plastic slipcase.
Sodden Wheels in a Supper Club Part 1 - 17:25
Sodden Wheels in a Supper Club Part 2 - 18:15
An instrumental piece of spirit speak ambience , dub transience, and rocked elevation. Recorded in 2003, 2004, 2006, cut, mixed, assembled 2008.
(Package art by Cintron)

funambulist Funambulist - Funambulist
CD, Prestidigitation Records
Funambulist is vocalist Dan McGuire w/ John Howitt, Bill Weita, Neil Sherhag, Dave Cintron, Scott Pickering, Matt Lindsey and Jay Harrington.
s.o.t. Scarcity Of Tanks - No Endowments
LP - Total Life Society Records
CD- Textile Records
David Cintron - guitar, Weasel Walter - guitar, Ted Flynn- guitar, Andrew Klimek - bass, Dan Weninger - sax, Scott Pickering - tubs and S.O.T. mastermind, Matt Wascovitch - vox.
(Cover art by Devendra Banhart)


Cleveland shoppers can purchase David Cintron and related releases at Loop in Tremont and My Minds Eye in Lakewood.

Biological Basement
Biological Basement is a blog deposit of unreleased and rare recordings from Biological Records, Dave Cintron, Terminal Lovers and related projects. Free downloads.




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David Cintron

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A feature on David Cintron's work is published in the Visual Art Showcase section of the new issue of Around Kent magazine.
See it here.

My Trip to The Lake, 2013 collage (pictured below)
is currently displayed, and available for purchase,at
The Good Goat Gallery
17012 madison ave.
Lakewood, Ohio

My Trip to the Lake

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